About Us

We are a family owned and operated business, designing in Los Angeles and producing in India. As Indians it was important to us to lend support and jobs back in our home towns. We are able to give hundreds of artisans jobs and fair wages which means the world to us. We try to combine modern Western style with traditional East Indian techniques and color ways.

A1079 was our first showroom in the California Market Center, where the brand was launched in 2010. Answering the phone for a week with the suite # actually inspired us to keep it.

Our jewelry and handbags feature embroidery, delicate beads and stonework using the finest materials. All pieces are 100% handmade by expertly trained and dedicated hands. 

We've always invested in fair trade, thoughtfully sourced materials and fair wage labor. 

Fair wage for fair work simply means every team member abroad and here at home receives livable & fair pay for their work regardless of age, gender, gender expression or social status.. and that makes us proud to do what we do everyday.